What would you like to know about your customers?

What do they think?Behavioural Science is the application of the latest thinking on cultural psychology and neuroscience. This is the most exciting and fastest changing area of market research.

What they are prepared to pay?When your customer buys your product there is an exchange of value; the customer gets the product and you get the money – it sounds simple but it’s not - there are many factors (logical and emotional) that drive the decision.

How you should communicate with them?Today the marketer has more and better methods than ever before to make informed decisions about what communications works and HOW it influences the customer’s perceptions and behaviour.

What does your brand mean to them?Your brand is the sum total of everything that the customer feels, thinks or knows about your offer – this can be analysed from simple descriptions all the way to Jungian theory.

What is their experience of your offer?Customer Experience is the total sum of all the interactions a customer has with the product/brand across all channels over time – it’s a dynamic experience with a defined end result.

How do they segment into types?Your customers are not all the same; individually they buy for different reasons and not always the ones that you expect. Your customer is not defined by what they buy, they are defined by who they are – so understand the person, understand the customer.

Hub4Ag can answer all of these and many more marketing questions for you. Simply tell us what you need to know and we will propose the best course of action.

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