code of conduct

Rules and regulations for Hub4Ag

All market research work undertaken by Hub4Ag Ltd maintains the principles advocated in the Market Research Society’s Code of Conduct. Important among the provisions of the code are:

Responsibility to Informants No information obtained from individual informants, which includes their identity, shall be revealed either directly or indirectly, other than to the persons engaged in the administration, checking or processing of the research. All reasonable precautions shall be taken to ensure the informant and others closely associated with him, are as individuals in no way embarrassed or adversely affected as a direct result of any interview or interviews, or of any other communication concerning the research.

Client Confidentiality Unless authorised to do so by the client, or instructed by a Court of Law, the research agency shall not reveal to informants, nor to any other person not directly concerned with the work of the study, the identity of the client commissioning the study. Unless the prior consent of the client has been obtained, any findings derived from the study, other than published information, shall not be disclosed at any time by the research agency to any person other than to the client commissioning the study. This refers only to studies exclusively commissioned by a specific client or clients, and not to methodological analyses, so long as there is no disclosure of any research findings.

Publication Reports and other documents relevant to the project provided by the research agency are normally for use within the client company or its associated companies (including the client’s marketing, advertising, and other relevant and duly authorised consultants or advisors), or other previously nominated recipients. If the client intends a wider circulation of the results of a study, either in whole or part, the agency must be informed, and is entitled to refuse permission for its name to be quoted in connection with the study until: a) it has approved the exact form and contents of the publication or circulation, and b) it has agreed with the client what (further specified) information may be provided by the agency to recipients of this wider circulation on request.

Mutual Responsibilities In the absence of any agreement to the contrary, research specifications provided by a client, and proposals provided by an agency at the request of a client when the agency receives neither commission nor payment for the proposals, remain the property of the client or agency respectively. Their contents may not be revealed to third parties without permission.

Records Completed records shall be the property of the research agency. The agency shall be entitled to destroy such records without reference to the client two years, but no sooner, after the end of fieldwork.

Terms & Conditions Reference to Hub4Ag will mean Hub4Ag Ltd.

Scope of terms of business All work undertaken by or on behalf of Hub4Ag Ltd for clients is subject top the following terms of business unless they have been varied by any agreement entered into by a person (or persons) empowered to act on behalf of Hub4Ag Ltd.

Sub contractors Wherever possible Hub4Ag Ltd will endeavour to meet the wishes of clients in respect of sub-contractors or associates. However, the company reserves the right to employ or change sub-contractor and associates at any time. References to the utilisation of particular sub-contractor or associates in proposals or other documents shall imply only that Hub4Ag Ltd has consulted and plans to utilise the nominee but does not amount to a contractual guarantee of their use.

Fees & Expenses All sums payable to Hub4Ag Ltd as fees and expenses shall be paid within thirty days of the date of invoice rendered. Hub4Ag Ltd shall be entitled to charge interest on all sums outstanding after thirty days at the rate of 3% above that of the London Clearing Bank’s current rate. All payment shall be made in the currency in which the fee is quoted. Hub4Ag Ltd shall be entitled to charge VAT or other applicable tax or duty on the services provided at the rate prescribed by law at the date of invoice irrespective of whether or not this rate, tax or duty was included in any prior Proposal, quotation or invoice.

Force Majeure If, in the opinion of Hub4Ag Ltd and at any stage of a commissioned project, force majeure renders its further conduct or completion impossible or seriously impaired, then after consultation with the client, the contract will be terminated forthwith or renegotiated. In such circumstances, Hub4Ag Ltd shall invoice that client for all fees and expenses arising out of the termination including any unavoidable commitments entered into in order to complete the contract. Naturally, all reasonable efforts will be made to minimise the impact, on the client, of outside events beyond the control of Hub4Ag Ltd.

Termination or Breach by Client If, following verbal and written acceptance of a Proposal or other offer made by Hub4Ag Ltd, the client shall unilaterally terminate or modify the project such that, in the opinion of Hub4Ag Ltd, its ability to complete the project is significantly impaired or reduced then Hub4Ag Ltd’s obligations will cease forthwith. Further Hub4Ag Ltd will be entitled to invoice the client for all fees and expenses arising out of the termination and any other unavoidable commitments entered into in order to complete the contract.

Contractual Limits In all dealings with clients, written and verbal, any information, comment or interpretations are made by Hub4Ag Ltd in good faith. However, no such statements are to be deemed an undertaking, warranty or contractual commitment and Hub4Ag Ltd accepts no liability for any consequential losses arising from the work performed by Hub4Ag Ltd whether through Hub4Ag Ltd’s negligence or otherwise.

Copyright Copyright relating to all documents produced by Hub4Ag Ltd market intelligence remains with Hub4Ag Ltd. No such document shall be copied or published or disseminated to any third party (in whole or in part) without the prior written approval of Hub4Ag Ltd.

Confidentiality All documents produced by Hub4Ag Ltd will be treated by Hub4Ag Ltd as confidential to the client or clients concerned. However, in relation to proposals or other offer documents submitted by Hub4Ag Ltd but which do not lead to a commissioned project, Hub4Ag reserves the right to utilise part or all of the comments in submissions to other prospective clients or for use by themselves. Excluded from the above provision are projects undertaken by Hub4Ag Ltd at the company’s own initiative and made available to clients on a subscription basis. Hub4Ag Ltd may use selected material from such projects to publicise them and in an endeavour to attract subscriptions.

Construction These terms of business and all document arrangements and agreements to which they apply shall be subject to and construed in accordance with English Law.

Construction These terms of business and all document arrangements and agreements to which they apply shall be subject to and construed in accordance with English Law.